What would your life be like if you could rise above the mundane and live all your dreams without hesitation, limitation or fear?
How would that feel?

I recognize and honor the beauty that resides within all beings of this world, and I’m here to assist you to unlock your greatest potential and to truly move past the old barriers and restrictions so you CAN move forward with greater ease, insight and clarity, paving the way for your true Authenticity to shine!

Live the life you were meant to and live your dreams!

Blessings of JOY to you!  I AM HERE and YOU are READY!




AVESA Quantum Healing Balancing Sessions™ and Reiki Sessions
are available days, evenings and weekends in-person in Fort Kent
and remotely by appointment!

Are you ready to move forward with greater ease, abundance and flow?  Open to the truth of who you are and begin to manifest your dreams, everyday, one miracle at a time!

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Navigating the Inner Matrix – Ascended Mastery Training
Nine weeks that will change the way you live your life!

Ascended Numerology™

AVESA Quantum Healing™

Self-Ascension Anointing™

Atlantean Healing Chamber™

Know the Love that YOU are!

Native American Spiritual Ceremonies
Sacred Pipe (Chanupa) Ceremony
Sweat Lodge (Inipi) Ceremony
Drum Making Workshops

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Open For Sun
Nothing is so Strong as Gentleness
Nothing so Gentle as real Strength
St. Francis De Sales

From 18 years of age I began to work in the nursing profession in the cancer and medical wards caring for and assisting many throughout their process of treatment. I began to search for complementary and alternative ways of healing that could benefit us individually and collectively which started me on a journey of self discovery and healing. I have devoted my life to be of service to humanity and have traveled to many different countries to participate and assist in helping to usher in peace and healing for ourselves and for our planet. 


After 19 years since I began my healing journey I reaffirmed my commitment and dedication to service for the upliftment of humanity during an Ordainment Ceremony at TOSA, the Temple of Self-Ascension in 2011 in Antigua, Guatemala.  I currently reside in Northern Maine and am here to humbly be of service as a guide and witness to help support others in their personal path of  mastery and self-empowerment as we  together work for the upliftment and continued evolution of ourselves and our future generation to come.








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