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Ascended Numerology™
Unlocking the Code of the Soul

To unlock the Code of your Soul offers to you more than just a glimpse into the essence of you.  You came onto this planet with the foundation of who you are and as you gain the wisdom and insight from the deepest part of you that you carried forward, that is within you, you have the opportunity to look at your life, your lessons or challenges, your triumphs and your victories and to really see clearly who you truly are and what you are capable of achieving all from an elevated perspective.


When your Diamond Foundation is laid at your feet, you have the blessing of acceptance of the past, releasing it and letting it go from a deep inner knowing that it wasn’t all for nothing, allowing you to claim your gifs, claim your wisdom and claim your healing for the journey ahead in new and exciting ways.


Are you ready to take a look at your life and bring to light what you came to lift through and heal?  Are you ready to move forward with a much greater sense and understanding of your true nature and make choices that will align and support your lift and the life you truly want to live.



As more revelations present themselves, you begin to claim your truth and begin rising in higher love and trust of self and in the divine!  You begin to understand that the universe is in full support of YOU and as you allow your life to flow in that greater trust and harmony, a new balance is found, enabling you to unravel the past and claim the present where you can shift your life to one of higher love and expansiveness.  This is a tremendous opportunity for anyone who truly is ready to move forward.


Avesa Balancing Sessions™

Return to a place of wholeness, relaxation and bliss in the safety of this Divine cocoon of peace, love and pure joy where your uthenic Soul energy can come forward allowing you the opportunity to release all that no longer serves you at this time and to integrate and empower you to begin to create the life you really do want! Avesa is Sanskrit for “The Evolution of the Uplifting of Consciousness”

The purest meaning of Avesa is Divine Empowerment

To enter into an Avesa Quantum Healing™ offers anyone the opportunity to truly integrate and release all barriers to complete healing of the physical, emotional and spiritual body. During the most basic energetic balancing session one will experience bliss while calling in vast universal healing energies through time and space.

The results are nothing short of miraculous. Often those who have experienced this profound gift report diminished physical symptoms, greater experience of peace, ability to manifest, clarity of life purpose and true connection with their Divine being-ness.

We are at the time of the great awakening. And the gift of Avesa Quantum Healing™ is the opportunity to embrace all of the changes around us with ease and joy!

Come experience the Love that YOU are!

Atlantean Healing Chamber

Atlantean Healing Chamber ™

A profound session that requires your Presence for two consecutive sessions that incorporates powerful healing techniques that open the way to healing on all levels of body, mind and spirit and continue on for about 14 days afterword. This vast Universal energy or “God” Source energy comes to you through the gift of Divine Love.

You are dively supported on many levels and will be able to experience the many benefits of the Egyptian Healing Rods™, sacred sounds and much more. Are you ready to release the old blockages and accelerate your personal evolution? The time is Now to awaken the divine within.










Self-Ascension Anointing ™

Return into the Sacred Chamber of the Heart, where all truth and healing begin.
During this Sacred Anointing you will receive the many gifts and blessings of extremely powerful oils and techniques that will assist you in the awakening process, realigning and stabilizing your chakra system into the Self-Ascended state of being-ness.

Open to divine connectivity and ignite the Crystalline Light within, lifting you to ever greater states of awareness, opening the gateway to your highest expression. Are you ready to embrace greater peace, love and joy? To live your authentic truth and relax into the abundant flow of pure joy!

Are you ready to Remember the truth of your Authenticity and live in greater freedom and
self-acceptance. Open your heart to receive this gift.

“You Are the One You Have Been Waiting For”





Quantum Clairvoyant Readings ™














Egyptian Healing Rods ™

The Egyptian Healing Rods are sacred healing and self-ascension tools that were known only to a narrow circle of Initiates long ago. Their history goes far back to the depths of centuries; a thick curtain of mystery covers their origin. We are living in a crucial time on the eve of a new era. We believe the Egyptian Healing Rods have been returned to us on this planet, now, just for these incredible times.
The Egyptian Healing Rods

•  Stimulate the endocrine system, immune and nervous system
•  Harmonize the Yin-Yang energies of the body
•  Strengthen the vital life force
•  Opens energy meridans
•  Help to balance the chakras
•  Stimulate the body as a whole organism, thus promoting healing

The Rods are energetically conditioned in a 72-foot high pyramid outside of St. Petersburg, Russia. The Rods and the energy of the pyramid based on Sacred Geometry, become synergised making them powerful healing and transformational tools. They are cutting edge technology of the 21st Century, rediscovered from ancient Egypt.

For further information or complete scientific studies, please visit us online at: www.EgyptianHealingRods.com


Usui Reiki

Honoring the Spiritual Lineage of Dr’s Usui, Hayashi and Takata Reiki is an ancient healing practice that originated in Japan meaning “Universal Life Force Energy” Reiki practitioners place their hands lightly on or above the person recieving treatment, with the goal of facilitating the person’s own healing response. In the United States, Reiki is part of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) and is widely being used by practitioners and health care professionals in a variety of hospitals and other clinical settings.


Reiki can be used to promote relaxation, stress reduction, and symptom relief, in efforts to improve overall
health and well being. Reiki has been used by people with anxiety, chronic pain, HIV/AIDS, and other health
conditions, as well as people recovering from surgery or experiencing side effects from cancer treatments. Reiki
is used to remove blockages from the body, mind and spirit system, helping to release discordant (negative)
thought patterns and to facilitate healing for physical, mental and emotional issues.

Each session last approximately one hour and long distance sessions are available. I am also currently teaching
all levels of Reiki on an ongoing basis for Individual and Group Classes.



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