Navigating the Inner Matrix™


Violet Ray Ascended Mastery Training


Navigating the Inner Matrix Home Study Program


FREE Yourself! Take a journey that will forever shift the way you live your life!


Through inspired wisdom and the beauty of the Violet Flame, the Navigating the Inner Matrix program provides you with the tools to embrace true freedom!


Now is the moment to free yourself from the habit of living in lack, fear and any form of pain-based reality. Navigating the Inner Matrix enables you to stand in the grace of liberation–no longer clinging to the structure of self-judgment and free to accept the Abundant Nature that is your birthright!


From the comfort of your own home and with the support of a loving coach, Navigating the Inner Matrix Violet Flame Training empowers you to re-identify and experience your sense of Self with your Authentic energy. Releasing the years of living as your ‘conditioned self’, imagine your life as you forever transcend the chaos of modern times and experience true Joy!


After all . . . it is why you are here and you are ready!


Imagine your life when everything you truly seek to bring forward actually manifests before you effortlessly! That moment is now.


Congratulations! You are just nine simple steps to Violet Flame Soul Mastery and from the comfort of your own home!


Your personal Violet Flame Ascended Master Training home study course is available as a nine-lesson online download program. Home study programs work best when there is some form of interaction and monitoring of milestones to keep you progressing. A Certified Self Ascension Coach will offer mentorship during your journey.



Violet Flame Ascended Mastery Training: Navigating the Inner Matrix with CSAC mentor to witness your journey


To register for Mentorship or Personal Coaching       CLICK HERE


Violet Flame Ascended Mastery Training: Navigating the Inner Matrix with Personalized Coaching by a CSAC


Many discover this program invites an opportunity to go deeper and further and our coaches have beencarefully trained to assist you to maximize the benefits of this self exploration process. Personalized coaching is a natural next step.


***Tuition for all courses is non-refundable. No cancellation or transfers for digital, online home study courses.



The Miracle of Avesa™


A Journey of Divine Connection


Keys unlock things.Keys provide openings. Keys reveal what was once hidden. The Keys to Avesa Mastership open the pathway to a Mystical Journey of Divine Connection.


Gift yourself with attending this transformative workshop that is a mystically unique and powerful experience. Each Avesa experience evolves according to your energy as your Avesa Master Teacher (s), together with the Archangelic Realm, create a loving and safe environment full of music, movement, and connection that releases
all blockages and opens your Divine Portal of Joy.


Avesa is much more than a cutting edge experience, it is also an extraordinary healing protocol. It is an attunement to a way of remembering your own Divine roots. Participants report completing the Avesa experience feeling energized, connected and full of love, wisdom and radiant bliss, and with new friends and soul connections.


The Miracle of Avesa is a profound gift that opens the doorway for your greater expression of activated love and light in the world.


The culminating segment of this extraordinary experience offers you the opportunity to fully learn and be certified in the Avesa Balancing Technique. This requires no prior healing experience for all are healers!


An Avesa Balancing creates an inter-dimensional Quantum Energy field where healing and restoration can happen instantly for it operates beyond time and space. Many are now calling this process the Ten Minute Miracle. In just ten minutes, you can accomplish what could otherwise take hours to achieve, and without even touching the receiver!


During an Avesa Balancing, we gift ourselves and the receiver with a tangible experience of remembering and reconnecting with our incredible, whole and harmonious Soul Energy. Together we create a sacred space in which the receiver lays fully clothed on a luxuriously comfortable massage table and dives deeply into the heart of their soul.


The results are nothing short of miraculous. Those who have experienced this profound gift report diminished physical symptoms, along with greater experience of peace, ability to manifest, clarity of life purpose, and true connection with their Divine being-ness.


As our Soul does not get sick, the more we allow this energy to come forward, the better we feel on all levels: spiritually, emotionally, physically and mentally. With each Avesa Balancing Session,™ the energy of our Authentic Self becomes more and more familiar and available.


These sessions can be offered in-person, and, with advanced training, at a distance. Avesa Balancings can be integrated easily with other modalities or offered as a stand alone practice.


Whether you are a practicing healer or one who simply wishes to call forth the healer within, this is a powerful gift that empowers your Divinity with greater service!


Prepare to ascend to new heights of consciousness and access your full Divine potential!


The Miracle of Avesa Will:


1-Fully activate and expand your own conscious connection to divine guidance.
2-Gift you with Mystical Archangelic Yogic techniques to balance and harmonize yourself and others.
3-Provide a gateway to multi-dimensional realms where you will fully align with your Soul Path.
4-Call forth your Quantum Visioning and your ability to decipher what you see.
5-Clear away mental chatter so you can discern true guidance from egoic messages.
6-Enable true communion with your Soul at anytime.
7-Allow you to live your life from an entirely new perspective and frequency as you assist others to do the same.
8-Establish you as a powerful co-creator with the energies around and within you.
9-Reawaken and reactivate your Divine Mastership.

* $144

for more information call 207-834-3108  or email Sue at
[email protected]

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Reiki Classes


Reiki Classes Honoring the Spiritual Lineage of Dr. Mikao Usui, Hawaya Takata, and Chujiro Hayashi

Are you ready to learn how to tap into the Divine flow of Reiki energy for your own personal healing and growth?  For your family and loved ones including your precious pets.

Be attuned to the Level 1 Usui Reiki Lineage where you will begin to feel the Divine flow of Reiki, “Universal Life Force Energy” and to apply what you will learn to effectively help you balance body, mind and spirit.

Reiki is a gentle yet often profound healing technique that can be used for stress reduction, relaxation and to facilitate and promote deep healing on all levels.

For more information or to register call me at 207-834-3108 or email me [email protected]


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Reiki Level 1  -  Certification Course


Learn about the history and principles of Reiki
A beginners guide into the human body and it’s energy bodies
Learn how to effectively use the traditional hand positions and self-healing
Receive your Level 1 Attunement opening your channels and begin to feel the
Divine flow of Reiki
Manual Included and certificate upon completion

Many extras also . . .



Reiki Level 2 - Certification Course


Learn how to give a complete Reiki Session
Receive the Second-Degree Symbols and learn how to use them
Learn how to give a distance heaing session
Learn Byosen Scanning and Beaming
Hyashi Healing Guide
Manual Included and certificate upon completion
Other Advanced techniques shared to enhance your health and well



Reiki Level 1 and 2 available combined in a 2 day course!

Double Mountain

Reiki Level 3 - Certification Course




Reiki Master Teacher


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